Getting Lippy – Instantly updating your look on a budget

With a 3year old and a 13 week old baby, its safe to say that the last 3 months have been a bit crazy!  ( Did I mention that we sold our apartment, packed up and moved into a new place before Bub was even 4 weeks old!)

Somehow I’ve made it this far and I’m still smiling! (LOTS!)

In the past 2 weeks I have had some lovely compliments from people who have told me how well I look since hub has arrived.  One of the sweetest compliments was from one of my Baristas. She said to me ” You always look so lovely”. That compliment made me feel really happy considering how close the cafe is to my house and how many times I have visited in the last 3 months sleep deprived. Lets face it, sometimes we feel less than Glam, but this was just a little reminder to me about when you take the time to “look” good it can make you feel good too!

Whilst I’ve lost 14 kg of baby weight- I still have quite a bit of Pre-baby weight that I would like to shift (About 20kg) and while being on 1 income at the moment, buying a whole new wardrobe each time I loose a little weight is not really practical!

One really cheap way I’ve found to update your look and add a little splash of colour is to put on some Lippy! Now, normally I really only wear red lipstick (Napoleon is my favourite brand) – It always makes me feel fabulous, but I’ve decided i need to mix it up a little for more of an every day look.

For under $20 I picked up some new shades of pink from Kmart proving you don’t have to spend up on the big brands to get a great result and I’ve instantly updated my look!


From left to right:

*  Lip Crayon – Tinted Balm $2

* Australis Colour Inject moisturising mineral lipstick – colour “Ballet” $7

* Australis Lip Pencil – colour “Kiss me quick” $7

* LOL Lipstick – colour ” Think Pink” $2

* Bessime – colour ” Red hot red” – one of my original red lipsticks that I use regularly

I’m a true believer in looking after yourself and feeling good. It doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg either!

What are your tips for updating your look on a budget? What little things do you do to make yourself feel good?


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