Letting it go (Frozen Style) at Club Kids Earlwood

I want to tell you about one of our favourite Inner West kiddy hangouts, Club Kids Earlwood (Sydney).


If you ask the Retro Boy, he will probably tell you he’s had the best day ever! Retro daddy has been away the last couple of days for work and the Retro boy has been missing him, so I wanted to do something special as he’s been a little champion all week!

And you know What?

Today was lots of fun for everyone.

It’s school holidays at the moment – so each day there’s something fun happening and today just happened to be a Frozen day!

I don’t know what had me most excited! Decorating your own cupcakes? (tick) Frozen karaoke & Disco? (tick)  Frozen snow cones? (tick) oh and did I mention  Elsa, Anna & Oleg were there too?

Yeah it was pretty awesome! And only $9.90 entry per child (you could play all day!)

Check out their website : http://www.clubkids.com.au or follow them on Facebook for upcoming events: https://www.facebook.com/clubkidsearlwoodHanging with our friends from "Frozen"

Hanging with our friends from “Frozen”

"Frozen" Cupcake Decorating

“Frozen” Cupcake Decorating

We’ve been coming to Club Kids since the Retro Boy was 1 year old.

As soon as we walk through the door we are always greeted by friendly faces and we feel so welcome. The staff are fabulous and very accommodating. This is a big reason why we keep coming back time and time again!

We’ve loved that there is an exclusive play area for the 1-4 year olds with mini ball pitt, mini slides and activity walls

For the older kids there is another ball pitt area, several giant slides and a jumping castle.

There’s a cafe menu with a great variety for kids and adults, so it is the perfect place to come and relax whilst the kids burn off their energy!

Giant Slides at Kids Club, Homer Street Earlwood

Giant Slides at Kids Club, Homer Street Earlwood

We love Club Kids Earlwood so much that the Retro Boy has had his last 2 birthday parties here with Woody the Cowboy and Buzz Lightyear being guest of honour. There are 2 fantastic party rooms with all the popular themes and mascots.

We used to live in an apartment, so space was an issue for us and I’m not a fan of camping out for park space and bbq’s and worrying about the weather (and I love the fact someone else cleans up after!)

Buzz Light Year - Guest of honour at Club Kids Earlwood

Buzz Light Year – Guest of honour at Club Kids Earlwood

club kids 2


Woody the Cowboy party host at Club Kids Earlwood

Woody the Cowboy party host at Club Kids Earlwood

The only thing we haven’t tried are their disco nights which happen regularly. They look like Lots of fun and we might have to round up some friends for the next one


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