Lost my keys…. Lost the plot

Well yesterday was a productive day.

Did some shopping in the morning. Carried in the groceries, then a sleeping giant (3 year old) and a sleeping baby.

I was also having visitors…….

I don’t know about you, But my house is always at its cleanest when we have visitors. So I cleaned the house from top to bottom, I’m still unpacking from our move 3 months ago!

Then I needed my keys, but couldn’t find them anywhere! I looked everywhere, the car several times, the fridge and at my lowest point I even went through the garbage bin outside ….eeeeeew! Please tell me i’m not the only one to have done this!

The house was so clean that there is no way I would ever find where I had hidden these babies!


Anyway the Retro Hubby came home from work – he could see how frazzed I was…… and he found them in no time….. In a plastic bag in the Retro Boys bedroom. I never would have found them!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to losing things – when does this baby brain haze come to an end!

Ps I just asked Retro Hubby to bring home corn flakes for dinner. I meant corn chips!

I’m sure you can relate!


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