Flashback: The first memory I have as a person is…

So it must be about 1986  (yeah I’m kind of at an age where I’m not young anymore but I’m not old either) and I was living on waiheke island, New Zealand with my dad. I would be about 3 at the time, My beautiful mum passed away when I was 11 months old,  so it was just me and my dad. He was my best friend.

My absolute first memory is sitting on the floor in the lounge room with days of our lives on the tv and the radio is playing “Don’t dream it’s over” by Crowded House. This could be the exact moment my love affair with Neil Finn began (and continues to this very day)

My second memory is around the same time. My Dog Zac didn’t come home. My dad told me that he went to live on a farm. The Truth: Zac had been bringing home chickens and leaving them in our front yard. So one day he was out with another dog chasing some sheep and a farmer shot him



Did anyone else’s parent cut their hair fringe using a piece of sticky tape as a guide?

My 3rd memory was the fire brigade coming to fill our water tanks. We had no water, we couldn’t even brush our teeth….. Long drops (outdoor non flushable toilets) were not uncommon on the Island and to this day I have a little bit of a public toilet phobia!

waiheke island1986

waiheke island1986

Tell me, What is your earliest memory?


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