Random Acts of Kindness

The last 2 days have been kind of crazy!

Lets rewind to Monday.

It was a close friends Birthday and I wanted to surprise her.

As we have just come back from holidays I hadn’t a chance to buy her a gift, I decided that I wanted to get her a gift card for Jamie Olivers restaurant in Sydney. The Retro Boy adores my dear friend and was so excited as we planned to catch the train into town.

We got off at Martin Place and walked down Pitt Street to Jamies. On our way back we walked past a homeless man. I saw on his box that his name was Steven. I could see he was doing it rough, so i reached into my purse and gave some money to The Retro Boy to give to Steven. Steven smiled and although it was just a small amount he said Thank You. I wanted to teach The Retro Boy about kindness and helping people who are not as fortunate.

We turned and started walking away and Steven called out to The Retro Boy. Steven then reached into his bag and pulled out a beautiful teddy, brand new and still in its plastic wrapping. He ripped open the plastic and gave it to my son. I was speechless and truly touched by his generosity towards the Retro Boy when he himself was having such a tough time.

I took The Retro Boy around the corner and I told him about Steven, we had a good chat. I explained that Steven didn’t have a home right now, or a job and sometimes people need a little bit of help. The Retro Boy then named his teddy bear Steven and declared that he would keep teddy bear Steven forever and he could  be safe and live in our house.

So we made our way home on the train with teddy Steven. We Surprised our friend for her birthday and all was going well until all of a sudden I could heard The Retro Boy wailing. He’d been playing in the playroom and came running out with blood running down the side of his face. Me – being me, not so good with blood started screaming!  Not the best reaction I know !! ( in all honesty I wanted to run in the other direction!!) He’d been jumping around and knocked himself resulting in a laceration on his eyelid/next to his eye. There was just SO MUCH BLOOD!! My friend took charge and helped calm the little guy and patched him up a bit.

Off to the hospital we went – and just who was with us to calm The Retro Boy?

Steven the Teddy.

I wish that Steven knew just how the rest of our day turned out and just how much comfort Steven the teddy gave my son.

Monday in the Emergency ward

Monday in the Emergency ward

So Monday afternoon was spent in the children’s emergency – The Dr assessed The Retro Boy and he was booked into the hospital Tuesday morning. A plastic surgeon stitched up his eyelid area under general anaesthetic. To be honest, he had a fantastic time in hospital. He got to wear funny pyjamas, lovely nurses, he got to watch cartoons and he got to eat ice cream! Because he had the general anaesthetic – he has no recollection of the stitches at all! So there are no signs of this little man slowing down any time soon!

Getting Stitches in Hospital

Getting Stitches in Hospital

And the kindness of this stranger will stay with us forever- I urge everyone to take a moment from your busy lives and help someone who is doing it tough or less fortunate

Teddy Steven in his forever home

Teddy Steven in his forever home


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