Mums Society – “You’re important too”


A few months ago I was having (and quite often have) one of those moments – Where you have all these amazing ideas but just don’t know how to get them out of your head. I think that I had been feeling like that for such a long time. It holds you back and stops you from reaching your fullest potential (throw in a baby and a 3 year old – I’m sure you understand!)

I put the word out there into cyber space looking for guidance and to my surprise, I received a beautiful email full of support  from a woman called Kylie Ostle.

Kylie runs a network called Mum Society ( ) with the whole purpose of supporting mums on maternity leave and those with young children. She does this by hosting monthy networking events with motivational speakers and working closely with businesses know the true value of mums in the workforce, who want to employ mums.

Today I was lucky enough to attend Kylie’s monthly brunch (so popular it sold out!) – Our guest speaker was Nikki Parkinson from style blog “Styling You” ( check her out here : . “Balance is not a dirty word” was what the morning was all about and It was great to hear Nikki’s take on it. She’s pretty amazing!

The biggest thing that I took away from today was that All mums are busy -We need to stop taking on everything ourselves and reach our to our circles.  Our family circle, our work circle, our mums at the school gate circle, online circles and so on. These little circles are so important.

mumsociety collage

So Nikki was amazing, but one other thing that I love is that you are shoulder to shoulder with SO many inspirational mums and women. It is such a warm, friendly and motivating environment. I already can’t wait for the December brunch!

These brunches are held at The Grounds of Alexandria and for those of you who have been you would know that the venue is just beautiful and the food is always fabulous. It was great to be able to sit down and enjoy the event while the nannies on hand were there to care for the little ones! oh – and there are lucky door prizes too ! ( I won a prize from Bellabox


When my son was born almost 4 years ago – all the confidence I had flew out the window. That was ridiculous really when I had so much experience behind me, I was lucky though to have a wonderful family friendly employer, but when The Retro Baby was born this year, I really wanted to make sure history didn’t repeat.

I believe it is so important to continually invest in yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself and The Mum Society is a great place to start



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