Holy Batman – and now he’s 4!

He’s 4!

I can’t believe my very first born baby (boy) is 4!

The Retro Baby - 2 weeks old

Where did the time go? And wow – what a beautiful enriching time it has been. This has been the greatest most rewarding experience of my life. Oh the love. I didn’t know love like this could even exist!

So!  After having his last 2 birthday parties at play centres I decided that I wanted to do it all myself this year. (with a 6 month old ) AM I CRAZY!?!!

I guess there are 2 types of people….. those who like themed parties and those who don’t.   Me – I love a good themed party! Early on we decided it would be pirates…. but then another friend had a pirate party- so we quickly changed to super heroes. Batman to be precise!

I then spent a few weeks collecting various bits and pieces. I trawled ebay for a batman cookie cutter, super hero lego, super hero inspired clothing and we booked in an appearance from Bat Girl!

 Holy Batman! It's party time!

We decided it would be in a park as our home was too small. We ordered a marquee which never arrived, so we made a mad dash the night before to bunnings to buy one. The day of the party was a steamy 33 degrees. Setting up for the party proved to be quite a challenge. We left the fruit in the fridge and hubby had to drive back home to get it. The retro baby didn’t want me putting up decorations, she wanted cuddles. So it was all a little behind schedule when everyone started arriving. So safe to say I was feeling the pressure! A very kind friend offered to bring hot food and this was such a help!


The gorgeous Bat Girl arrived (from Stardust kids parties ) and entertained the children for the next hour. She was AMAZING and had the kids so engaged. The Retro boy was in his element. He owned his party like a boss! He knew it was all about him!

There was this one little awkward moment when it came to light the candles…… what candles? Has anyone seen the candles….. Do you have some candles (2 crazy minutes later)…oh here they are! Phew!!


Then it was all over…… all over for 6 months until the retro baby turns 1!

And it was lovely


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