South Africa 2015

 Yes! Things have been pretty quiet around here since my last post when I was cooking up a storm with Amy from Chat Thai in February! A few days after The Retro Hubby, Retro Boy, The Retro Baby and myself jumped on a plane to South Africa. I will mention that The Retro Baby had Gastro the day before we flew out which hit me 6 hours before landing into South Africa. It was the stuff horror movies were made of really. Luckily I was semi prepared and had asked the Dr to write me a script the day before we flew which kind of helped a tiny bit! It took us 26 hours from Sydney- Singapore- Johannesburg to Capetown. I think we were pretty brave!

We planned our trip as a Surprise for my Father In-Law for his 69th Birthday as next year when he turns 70, The Retro Boy would have started school. It was months in the making of planning and all went off without a hitch. This was the first time he’s met The Retro Baby! IMG_3735 IMG_3732 IMG_3734   My favourite memory from our holiday was the day Grandpa took us to the beach for fish and chips in his big red Chev. IMG_4091 IMG_4090   IMG_4117   IMG_4242 IMG_4168 IMG_4234 IMG_4229 We were away for 4 weeks. Half our time in Capetown with family and the other half travelling around. We spent 2 nights at Aquila private game lodge, 4 nights in Stanford at Blue Gum Country Estate and 5 nights in Knysna, along the garden route. It was an amazing few weeks catching up with family from across the world and spending time with each other. It was also exhausting travelling with young children! Here are some of my favourite moments from our trip in photo form. Enjoy! IMG_7740 IMG_7706 IMG_7674 IMG_7664 IMG_7663 IMG_7661 IMG_7594 IMG_7592 IMG_7591 IMG_7589 IMG_7588 IMG_7587 IMG_7586 IMG_7585 IMG_7584 IMG_7378 IMG_7377 IMG_7376 IMG_7375 IMG_7374 IMG_7372 IMG_7368 IMG_7349 IMG_7202 IMG_7347 IMG_7346 IMG_7348 IMG_7165 IMG_7140 IMG_7129 IMG_7068 IMG_7063 IMG_7055 IMG_7053 IMG_7052 IMG_7048 IMG_6894 IMG_6891 IMG_4932 IMG_4927 IMG_4891 IMG_2143 IMG_4871 IMG_4870 IMG_4836 IMG_4832 IMG_4768 IMG_4761 IMG_4751 IMG_4642 IMG_4673 IMG_4634 IMG_4581 IMG_4513 IMG_4518 IMG_4272 IMG_4066 IMG_4030 IMG_3608 IMG_3606 IMG_6692 IMG_6684 IMG_6668 IMG_6655 IMG_6631 IMG_6605 IMG_6584 IMG_6583 IMG_6523 IMG_6521 IMG_6519 IMG_6518 IMG_6546 IMG_6542 IMG_6538 IMG_6481 IMG_6439 IMG_6429 IMG_6422 IMG_6418 IMG_6417 IMG_6410 IMG_6291 IMG_6363 IMG_6212 IMG_6167 IMG_6159 IMG_6134 IMG_6127 IMG_6116 IMG_6115 IMG_6112 IMG_6111 IMG_6043 IMG_6053 IMG_6030 IMG_6026 IMG_6025 IMG_6047 IMG_6046 IMG_5991 IMG_6044 IMG_5980 IMG_5979 IMG_5969 IMG_5956 IMG_5955 IMG_5946 IMG_5858 IMG_5860 IMG_5839 IMG_5831 IMG_5825 IMG_5824 IMG_5818 IMG_5772 IMG_5661 IMG_5647 IMG_5644 IMG_5638 IMG_5630 IMG_5629 IMG_5627 IMG_5625 IMG_5620 IMG_5617 IMG_5593 IMG_2487 IMG_5488 IMG_5487 IMG_5475 IMG_5462 IMG_4992 IMG_4956 IMG_4935 IMG_2364 IMG_2102 IMG_2082 IMG_2070 IMG_2050 IMG_2026 IMG_2023 IMG_1989 IMG_1975 IMG_1891 IMG_1876 IMG_1875 IMG_1870 IMG_1869 IMG_1832 IMG_1820 IMG_2677 IMG_2662 IMG_2587 IMG_2584 IMG_2582 IMG_2514 IMG_2511 IMG_2509 IMG_2483 IMG_2475 IMG_2433 IMG_2430 IMG_2414 IMG_2393 IMG_2209 IMG_2171 IMG_2153 IMG_2140 IMG_6251 IMG_6249 IMG_6209


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