Our Flamingo Themed First Birthday

This post celebrates The Retro Baby’s First Birthday in Flamingo Style

I love first birthdays- they are such a special celebration for bub , mum and dad.

Because Lucielle (Lucky or Luckster as we also call her) is a winter baby, we didn’t want to risk having a celebration outdoors so we had a party at home. We decided on celebrating with a Morning Tea. Lots of yummy things to nibble on.

I wanted Flamingo theme ever since I saw matching mother and daughter Flamingo dresses by Pigtails and Pirates . From there I had lots of fun sourcing various Flamingo Items. Straws, Bunting, Inflatable Flamingos for the kids……

I had been you-tubing how to do a rosette cake, but found exactly what I’d been trying to learn for sale at Michelle’s Patisserie. So this saved me a lot of stress, it was delicious! With 2 Flamingos on top and some decorative bunting with Lucielle’s name- The cake was perfect! We also had a cream sponge for Lucky to get stuck into later!

When The Retro Boy turned 1, my gift to him was a piece of art. I did the same for Lucielle. A beautiful print from a local artist name Liz Mckay – hopefully something that will be treasured for years to come.





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