About Me

Who am I ?

I am Lisa Marie

In my fantasy I’m some kind of domestic goddess…. in reality – I’ve got a long way to go!!

I like big hair, just incase you haven’t noticed

I love the B52’s

Red Lipstick always makes me feel better

I’ve got a few Kilos to shift because I LOVE food- We’re getting there slowly

When I was a little girl I wanted to be in the musicals, then a flight attendant and then a vet nurse

Crazy about Antiques & all things vintage, so much so that I have created a vintage inspired series of baby record cards.

Taking beautiful photos makes my heart happy, it is a big passion of mine

I love a little bit of celebrity gossip every now and then

You won’t believe me, but i am really very shy!

I wasn’t in the cool group at school

If you don’t “get” me , that’s ok – I’m an acquired taste

I believe it doesn’t cost anything to be nice and really make someone feel good about themselves

Good manners are always in fashion

(picture: I am holding a beautiful plate of food that I did not bake and wearing a vintage Apron that isn’t mine – but I’m feeling pretty fabulous!)

Mum of Felix  & Lucielle…….

Felix – Lets call him The Retro Boy

 He is 3.5 Years old

When he smiles, his eyes twinkle.

He takes my breath away, He makes my heart skip a beat

I never knew the power of love until he came into our lives

He challenges me on so many levels and has taught me so much in our short time together

Full of Laughter & Love he has embraced his role of Big Brother with so much pride

Sensitive Soul

IMG_1621party81   IMG_2186

Lucielle – Lets call her The Retro Baby

 As I write this she is 11 weeks old

And I LOVE her

She completes our family

It’s hard to say how she will grow to be like, but right now she is happiest in your arms and that is fine with me, I can never get enough baby cuddles.

She’s relaxed and something about her gummy smile hints that she might be a little cheeky

We’re still getting to know each other

lucy collage

IMG_2393 IMG_2160 IMG_2100

So this is my little place to share my thoughts, feelings and moments

Thanks for stopping by – You can always reach me by email : theretromumma@gmail.com


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